Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have been to New Employee Compliance orientation, must I still attend Annual Compliance Training?
  • Yes. These are completely independent training sessions.
  • All new employees must attend New Employee Compliance orientation one time. This orientation must be completed within 45 days of being hired and is offered the first Wednesday of every month.
  • Attendance at Annual Compliance Training is mandatory and is included as an expectation on your EPMS. These one hour sessions are held in late fall each year.
  1. How do I report a billing compliance problem?
  • If you have a concern about anything related to our billing process, you have an obligation to report it. We recommend beginning by bringing it to your supervisor's attention. If you do not receive a satisfactory explanation, or you are not comfortable speaking to your supervisor, you should contact the Compliance Office. Our telephone numbers and fax number are on the first page of the website. If you would prefer to sit down and discuss your concern, our office is located at 15 Medical Park, Suite 300.
  • You can absolutely report concerns anonymously. You are protected by law from retaliation of any kind when reporting concerns in good faith.
  1. Are ancillary staff authorized to document and perform the history of present illness (HPI)?
  • No. According to CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), only the physician can perform and record the history of present illness. Ancillary staff must be reminded to leave the physician space in the record to record this information.
  1. What if I just have a question about whether something is okay?
  • We love questions! We particularly appreciate the opportunity to respond to questions before a new policy or process is put into place. The rules for coding and billing are complicated. It takes a group effort to keep up with all of them. Call or fax your question.